We are here for you to help you achieve long-term operational success by assisting your organization to improve your agile development, release and project management processes and practices.



We provide effective and result-oriented consulting services in our focus areas. As subject matter experts in project management we can help you to identify solutions for your challenges and assist with the implementation.  



We provide flexible and personalized training leveraging an initial intake assessment, as we know that not every student is the same. We offer different training formats, from in-person to virtual-instructor-led options. We focus on the right balance of concepts and real-life practical scenarios from personal experience.

Learn, Lead and Grow with Interglobe

Sonja has over 25 years of experience in Engineering program management. She held various project management leadership roles and training positions in the Silicon Valley, California. Her areas of expertise are software project management, agile adoption, coaching project managers, PMO and release management. Sonja has Master in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Vienna, Master in Management from Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, and Ph.D. in Applied Computer Science from Johannes Kepler University. 


Sonja is a consummate professional leader looking at program management as a strategic opportunity.”

"Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try" 
-  John F. Kennedy
Project Risk Management 

In the times we live in, there is an imminent need for organizations, institutes, and communities to identify, plan, and manage projects and resources tightly in order to mitigate risks. We can show you how. Contact us to find out more. 

Agile Adoption & Maturity

Learning new concepts means also to let go of old patterns and behaviors. Adopting Agile can be very different from the status quo and some organizations get stuck in hybrid mode of a mix of old patterns and new Agile practices. Agile implementations require to be well managed and communicated. We can help you.

Change & Release Management

The three main essentials for a successful software release are a well thought through strategy, defined processes and team collaboration to execute the plan. If they are interconnected and carefully orchestrated they can work like a well-oiled machine. We can provide you our expertise.